Our Solid Timber Flooring Products


When freshly cut, the heartwood of merbau is a yellowish to orange-brown color, but then darkens to brown or red-brown. The grain of this coarse-textured wood varies from straight to interlocked or wavy.


The heartwood is initially light brown in colour but darkens on exposure to a deep brown, becoming very dark brown or even black with age or over exposure. The grain is commonly straight, occasionally slightly interlocked.

African Teak

Very few wood knots, light brown color. desnity is over 700kg/cm3, it is a very hard and tough wood species. Its stability in dimension is much better than most of other hardwood, such as maple, hickory.

Burmese Walnut

Burma walnut is one of few natural dark wood with straight grains & dark brown color strips,being used for hardwood flooring material in the world.

White Oak

This wood is practically synonymous with high-quality, durable and distinctively attractive wood floors. It is a hard-wearing timber which produces a tough long-lasting floor.

Classic Walnut

Our Classic Walnut is composed of a Walnut timber top layer bonded on to an engineered base to ensure stability. Walnut requires knots and swirls to enhance the natural beauty of the species so feature grade timber is selected for this product.


Maple hardwood floors bring warmth, natural beauty and a timeless style to your home. Durable and resistant to wear and tear, these floors perform beautifully in any room that gets a lot of living.


Mahogany is known for its strength and beauty, and it has outstanding durability. Given its hardness and color-fastness, santos mahogany is a superior choice to genuine Honduran mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), which it closely resembles in color.

Burnese Teak

The Burmese Teak with its rare beauty of rich golden streak and decorative grain and texture is considered the most valuable and versatile hardwood.