Burnese Teak

The Burmese Teak with its rare beauty of rich golden streak and decorative grain and texture is considered the most valuable and versatile hardwood. It has a very low coefficient of expansion and extraction because of its natural oils which makes the wood stable. Burmese Teak is also one of the timbers that are not susceptible to termite attacks.

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Lovely soft smokey brown colour with a bold high arch figure and outstanding grain.

Available Size 1

10mm x 45mm x 200mm – 450mm/S4S

Available Size 2

11mm x 45mm x 300mm – 1500mm/T&G

Available Size 3

15mm x 73mm x 300mm – 1500mm/T&G

Available Size 4

18mm x 95mm x 300mm – 1500mm/T&G

Available Size 5

18mm x 120mm x 300mm – 1500mm/T&G